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Poly Basins, Fiberglass Basins & Covers

Poly Basins, Fiberglass Basins, and Covers

An integral part of your sump pump installation is the basin and cover. In many cases, the size of the basin for a particular pump is recommended by the pump manufacturer. This is referred to in the owner's manual and this size is usually the minimum. 

The size and type of basin can also be specified by a plumbing designer or engineer when a building or home is being designed based on the local and or state plumbing code requirements. Standard basin diameter sizes are 18", 24", 30", 36", and up to 72". The depths we stock range from 24" to 120" in 12" increments.

The covers in sanitary sump systems are usually sealed and vented per code. Drainage or stormwater sumps may just have a simple slotted or split cover, however many are sealed and vented because of radon and safety issues. Matching covers are available to fit the specified basins in solid, split, simplex and duplex. And we offer custom sizes in a wide variety of materials and configurations.